The Element of Surprise EP

by Life on Hold

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released July 24, 2008



all rights reserved


Life on Hold Boston, Massachusetts

Thanks to everyone for their support over the years. We had the time of our lives doing this and sharing this last record with you is the perfect ending. Enjoy and share. We hope it brings you as much joy as you bring us.

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Track Name: Far Too Sensual To Be Conventional
Come on love, we're creeping quiet throughout these halls.
Hold you're breath, the air is thicker than these paper walls.
And when I speak softly, you say slowly:
Light the way, I see elysium between the sheets.
And my mind is at the same place as my heartbeat.
I'm calling you out, but I won't be subdued.
I could shatter glass with the words I'm telling you.
(Take it down one boy, I know you're dying but I swear)
We go bop, bop, bop, inside these bedroom walls
and everyone knows that we're up to no good darling.
You're heart doesn't race as fast when you're alone.
My smile takes you home 
where we first made out, down at the cape, when you were not alone.

Kill the lights, my night vision is the killer kind.
Breathing hard down your neck and losing state of mind.
So don't say a word, cause not a word will do. 
Now I'm losing sight of everything but you.
Holding back with the help of my teeth on my tongue.
Spreading lies inside my head to keep this feeling gone.
I'm picking away at every subtle move.
I'm pulling back my hair and screaming.
(Don't know how hard it is to go)
Track Name: Banking on Breaking
I'm cutting it close this time I know,
a false crusade won by my foes.
A line in the sand of do's and don'ts
and crossing it so fast
God will only know
I've done this for a lifetime.
Down in this hole
I'll praise the sunshine.
And I'm not scared of losing hope,
it's by my side when I'm alone.
A bucket of tears left to the norm,
so let them spill and drown out any sound of war
of everything you know.
I'm not alone,
I feel the breath of futile scorn.
Rest assured I'm coming home tonight,
spelling subtleties to settle down my mind.
How can I keep myself from sleep when this life is all that's left to leave me be?
Track Name: Honey (I Blame You)
Oh hun, I can feel this heat
deep inside of me,
it builds and I can't breathe.
Oh baby, I can't hold it back,
can't keep my heart intact.
I'm burning for something good.

It's been a long time coming and I think I let it show.
I've been up for a while now, there's always room to grow.

One night to sleep when even poetry can't save me,
and I blame you.
And your smile floods my reason,
find it difficult to send you home when you won't go away.

Keep it quiet I can't stay,
and now I'm putting my foot inside the door.
Come on baby, leave me wanting more.
Your arms are locked around me, don't let go.

So don't try to write me off,
cause your pictures still on my wall.
I still recall the faces saying hold back. No,
I've heard them all; It's been a long time coming.
Track Name: Balladeer
I'm holding back tonight and I can feel it,
Two sheets to the wind and now I'm falling apart.
Take back my words, I didn't mean it.
But God one more week you'll never see me again.
I live it hard in the night life.
My body's shaking again.
I'm spreading my life to thin,
I fear myself in the end

I couldn't sleep last night, my heavy breathing
it worried me to death it try to break us apart. 
You're the only thing that I believe in
when I believe in showing you how I despair.
Rest sound tonight, slow you're breathing.
I'll pick you up when you need another shot in the dark.
Day in, day out I keep believing
that nothing's sacred, nothing's sacred.

Hold disbelief in the palm of my hands.
Shout it out tomorrow in front of my friends:
Look what I've done.

You're going round, and around and around