The Run​-​Around EP

by Life on Hold

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released April 18, 2010

Recorded at Strangeways Studios in Providence RI. Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Mike Poorman. Mastered by Mike Fossenkemper at Turtletone Studios in New York, NY.



all rights reserved


Life on Hold Boston, Massachusetts

Thanks to everyone for their support over the years. We had the time of our lives doing this and sharing this last record with you is the perfect ending. Enjoy and share. We hope it brings you as much joy as you bring us.

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Track Name: Star in a Stone Boat
You’re keeping quiet but you can’t stop singing the melancholy tune stuck in your head. You find a way around, find a way around. Is there something to be said?
Now can I see it’s the right way down? Keep it in line for now.
I’m never going back, never going back. I’m never going, the cradle’s lost it’s crave, And I’m trying to behave. Another scene, snapshot, Give me something worth talking about. Closed set, secret, bet it all gets out. Breathless, desperate for another touch so I can feel this right.
Lose control, conserve your hold, attack when ready, baby. Before you go I need to know.
It’s fast and steady, baby. I need to give it to you baby, one more time. I need to give it to you baby, don’t be sly. I need to give it so I can feel this right.
Am I cast down, found out over lies? This is real, this is me. Won’t you stay? Won’t you care?
Won’t you know? This won’t break, held by the seam. Meant to be, can’t you see? I’m never going back, never going back i’m never going, the cradle’s lost its crave And I’m dying to be saved.
Track Name: Forever and Always
This is so like you two just sitting in a room, conversing dates and times. Well that’s just fine. But when you did it all again, I tried to grow a spine. Despite the living that we made; We housed at separate times. To draw the line, I guess, believable at best. So dry yourself and jump back in.

This time I’ve made from more than I can take. And I’ve fell from one to another, And everything you said was forever and always. Oh god I did it again, I’ve turned this into something big. We still crane our necks for each other,
And everything you said was forever and always.

It’s just the things you do when everybody knew You had to step aside, and that’s just fine. So choose, but either way you lose and don’t stop me this time. I’ve had all I can take to keep myself awake and thrown myself aside. But it’s so like you to take everything you do, abandon ship and still can’t swim.
This is so right, yeah this is so right. As if the world needed order. This is so right, yeah this is so right. I wish the world on your shoulders. Whoever said we’d not be forever, Had no idea that we meant forever.
Track Name: The Go-Getter
Just being here, taking in this midnight air, alone in only body. Suffocating pictures with my stare until they dripped out both my ears.
I had a feeling there’d be this; A moment worth this with one kiss. And while they caved from shallow trysts, I see reminders on her wrist.
We’re taking ever so long. Tell me why with all this time we’ve shattered, Hope this finds you well, you ought to know. Shake off every single word you’ve heard at all.
And you’ll swear you’ve never seen this, like you’ve never lived this, Never lived at all.
Use me baby, swear you’ll be okay, And I swear you’ll never feel this today. You can’t save me, I’ve seen better days. I feel cold but I know I’ll make it. My bones tired and I can shake this now. We’re running the run-around.
So here, breathing in this midnight air, When it rained all summer. Exploding crafts of color lit the sky, the impulse soaking both my eyes. And as you leaned in for that kiss, you drew me closer with your lips.
I trembled wishing I could want nothing more than this. I’ve wished for this, you took my hand and saw right through. I’ve killed for this, I meant this word for word: I miss you.
Track Name: The Greatest Letdown of the Century
Did his lips hit their target of wanting and desperate? Fall from grace like a harlot and we’re going nowhere now. Girl you’ve got it all backwards, misery never looked so ample. So spend you nights here
and try not to tremble.
I can’t believe I drove all night For this perfect brittle hope burst into bliss, just to crash and burn to bending bones. And she said she wanted more than this, that I was overdue. But nothing holds a candle to him hanging over you.
We could dance by starlight, Leave them jealous and paralyzed. We could just stay with
undertones as we repose. Tell me how you run away I’m not good enough to steal your heart. And then yesterday we blinded the moon with the smile on your face.
You’ve got me so low Miss Disappointing Revelry. My cancer’s your charm. Did he know we’ll dress this city up in flames when you’re good to go?
Track Name: Atlantic Summer
We walked the coast, the sand bitter cold. You watched the stars, I left you alone. And you swore to the night and let the ocean pass the message You waded waist deep and let the ocean pass the message that night. The jetty heard the things that were said. It saw you cry, it left me for dead. And as the waves picked up with time, I saw the ocean kiss the moonlight You screamed to the night and said you’d never kiss the moonlight. We walked the coast, the sand bitter cold. ”Forever ours,” you said, “We’re getting old.” And you screamed as if the roar would simply turn around the issue. Like the cry would startle God and find the devil was against you. When the night had turned to day, you said it all.